Welcome to ISTL

Independent Soil Testing Laboratories LLC (ISTL), is a material testing laboratory based in United Arab Emirates and established in 2014.
Core business of the laboratory is to provide specialized services in the fields of

● Construction & Industrial Material Testing
● Chemical Testing
● Geotechnical Investigation
● Environmental Analysis
● Environmental Monitoring
● Microbiological Analysis
● Testing for Oil & Gas

Our operations are spread across Middle East region including onshore/offshore operations

An ENAS accredited Lab

Our Specialized Services

Construction Material Testing

The Material department offers Physical, Mechanical and Chemical analysis of wide range of materials used by the construction and its allied industry.

Chemical Testing

The Chemical department of the laboratory provides chemical testing services divided broadly into Material Tests & Environmental Tests

Environmental Analysis

The Environmental Analysis Department provides services to projects involving Water / Waste Water, Drinking Water, Swimming Pool Water, Ground Water, Solid Wastes, Sediments, Sludge etc.

Our Services

We provide testing, analysis, research and development and other services to local markets in each of our specialist service areas:

Testing | Inspection | Calibration | Monitoring